She is kind and compassionate, and tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. She is worth her weight in gold...
— Kudzu Review

About Me

My name is Kim Kirkup.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Georgia, and a National Certified Counselor, (NCC) with a Masters in Professional Counseling. I am also authorised and registed with the State of Georgia to provide court-ordered drug and alcohol evaluations. 


I was born in England, and have lived in London, Bermuda, New York and for more than 20 years in Milton. I have been married for 31 years, and have 3 children - all educated in Milton - between the ages of 30 and 18, and one brand new grandson! 

Before entering private practice, I had extensive experience in both in-patient and not-for-profit mental health settings in the Atlanta area. 

My Office

I am in located on Broadwell Rd, just down the road from Milton High School.  My office is located in the 1938 Building with the wide verandas and the beautiful zen fountain.  

Availability Between Sessions

I welcome short "check-ins" by phone or email between weekly sessions in order for me to stay current with life situations, provide motivation and encouragement when the going is tough. This is not to foster dependence on the therapist, but rather to help practice skills learnt in session, to the real world environment and explore emotions and thoughts experienced after sessions.

Between session contact should entail no more than 4 brief emails between us, or a phone call lasting 5 minutes or less. I consider these to be part of the services I provide. If more intensive help between sessions is required, I will charge for longer phone calls and we might need to schedule additional therapy sessions until daily problems can be managed independently. 

Client Advocacy

I believe in advocating for my child and adolescent clients. This may mean contact by phone, letter or email with teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators, doctors, social service, or juvenile justice agencies (with parental request and release, of course).

Sometimes, attending a meeting or having the relevant person come to my office may be necessary.  I encourage adult clients to advocate for themselves, with my assistance and advice. This fosters independence, and improves assertiveness and self-esteem. 

Free Initial Phone Consultation Session

In psychotherapy and counseling, a good "fit" between the client and therapist is crucial to cultivate trust and lays the foundation for healthy change to take place in the client.

I provide a free initial phone consultation which starts to build rapport.  If you do not feel comfortable after our first face to face session, I will happily assist you with referrals to other therapists who may be more suitable for your needs.